Prepare for the annual Super Smash Bros. WiiU tournament!

The tournament will use single elimination to crown this years Smash Champoin.

Rules: 1 vs 1, no items, 4 stock survival, map selected by contestant agreement.

Time: 14/9 22:00.

Ready up!


Ye olde traditional PONG tournament.

The kings of old used this acient game to settle disputes when war seemed too much.

The very hardware of the ancient game is simulated with all its bugs (featurs) on our arcane electric box, controlled by cutting edge rotational resistors and some copper wire.

Rules: forst to 5 points for normal matches, first to 11 points for final match.

Time: 15/9 21:00.

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More to come

Håll koll på den här sidan för fler turneringar som kommer läggas upp under eventet.

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